Sun Nov 20, 2022 day 7 San Simeon 167 kms trip total 2023 kms

We keep heading south on #1 now called the Cabrillo highway.

Carmel Beach
Pebble beach and the links in the far background

We spend a little time in Carmel by the sea , walk on the no leash beach to Mini’ delight and go by the 1770 Mission and it’s basilica. The houses in Carmel are gorgeous but not oversized mansions, the streets are lined with trees and it’s alive with pedestrians.

Mini getting her first fishing lesson
Basilica in Carmel
The Mission
Exquisite homes on the seafront

We keep being astonished by the beauty of the ragged coast and the fine sand beaches. This are is called Big Sur (big South) because the people from Monterey go there on holidays.

One of the many marked vista points is a beach populated by juvenile and female elephant seals plus one odd male that arrived early this year. This beach is a birthing ground for the seals during their migration all the way to Alaska. Apparently, there are over 20000 of them on this coast going up and down with the seasons.

The lonely male close to the water

In San Simeon, we go for a walk part on the beach and part on the bluffs.

There are many seagulls and other sea birds and one single egret.

Not my garden!
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4 Responses to Sun Nov 20, 2022 day 7 San Simeon 167 kms trip total 2023 kms

  1. Mary Allan says:

    I’m really enjoying all your entries, I feel like I am right there with you! Beautiful photograph and wonderful observations. Keep ’em coming!

  2. Cedric says:

    Wonderful pics of a fabulous coast.

  3. Sharon Hume says:

    Beautiful!! You have timed you visit perfectly!! Wh

  4. veronrd says:

    These photos are a delight. Looks warm!

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