Mon Nov 21 2022 day 8 Morro Bay via San Luis Obispo 88kms trip total 2111 kms

Still southbound on the Cabrillo highway through Cambria and Cayucos to reach the approach to Morro Bay. We finish the last 2 kms to the rock on foot on a dog friendly path.

The Rock, Morro Bay

We go on to San Luis Obispo to see the Mission and the downtown, very neat town with many cafés and outdoor patios where Mini is allowed. Big surprise, we can have lunch with the whole family. Good thing as so many of the parks and beaches here do not allow dogs at all.

Eucalyptus with the grey trunks
Classic theatre

After the wonderful California paninis loaded with avocado, cilantro, artichoke and chicken, we back track to the Botanical gardens for the full tour on the discovery trail that takes you up in the foothills. It is warm, dry and sunny, the trees smell good, we enjoy every minute of it.

Cork oak tree

We then go for a stroll on the harbour to catch the sunset over the rock.

Fishing boats for charter

Back at the motel, we discover that they provide a full pet station, complete with pooping matt, full shower and fresh towels. This is truly five stars. She also received 2 high value treats and a little box full of doggy bags to attach to her collar. Maybe next year she can use that one if she grows another foot!

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1 Response to Mon Nov 21 2022 day 8 Morro Bay via San Luis Obispo 88kms trip total 2111 kms

  1. veronrd says:

    Must be so nice to feel the heat. Happy to see Mini is getting the treats she deserves.

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