Sat Nov 19, 2022 day 6 Monterey Bay 284 kms trip total 1856 kms

First thing, we cross the Golden Gate bridge without any traffic, it feels pretty wonderful to be back although last time we were here, we crossed it on mountain bikes.

We stop for a quick hike at Land’s End park down and up many steps and paths lined with eucalyptus and cypress trees. It smells wonderful and the views of the bridge are eerie in the morning light.

Land’s end San Francisco

When we pass Golden gate park it’s busy everywhere. On Saturdays the  Upper Great highway along the beach is closed to traffic, so it’s popular with expert cyclists in colourful lycra, beginner cyclists on rented bikes, and packs of joggers.

We drive on the Great highway  behind the dike where parking is free up to 4 hours and it’s quite a show to watch the surfers changing out of the back of the vehicule, gathering all the gear, and heading to the parade.

We keep going on highway 1 still hugging the shore line most of the time and winding its way south incessantly going up and down.

When we reach Monterey Bay, we go for a stroll at Lover’s point, another alive place and the bike rental central.

We finish the day by driving the “17 mile drive” a scenic tour of the Pebble Beach community. We get a glimpse of the Pebble Beach golf links and of the Lone Cypress perched on a rock.

Pebble Beach
Bird point with sea lions and cormorants
Pebble Beach golf links with the paved highway for The golf carts
The lone cypress pretty beaten up

The nights are pretty chilly, so at the motel tonight I brought in my HBC blanket from the camper. All is good.

Pebble Beach roll with soft shell crab and unagi
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1 Response to Sat Nov 19, 2022 day 6 Monterey Bay 284 kms trip total 1856 kms

  1. veronrd says:

    Very scenic! Hope you find warmer weather soon.

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