Aug 16, 2018 NWP day by 13 Frechette island in Eclipse sound 36.8 NM total 544.7 NM

We went to visit Kisha and Ruda at their camp by the river yesterday and walked by old round houses build with stones, sand , mosses, lichen. There are many bones of whale and other mammals and birds emerging from the ground. Kisha says that they were built by the Tuniq, a very small people but excellent hunters, at the time of Thule.

There is no dock in Pond inlet, so no fuel dock, and we top up the diesel by ferrying cans from the fuel truck on the beach to the boat.

Although we did get our auto-pilot part last night, and Fred installed it, it does not do the trick, seems that it might be the motherboard that’s failing. As we reach Emerson island, we stop the engine to call the technical support via satellite phone so we can hear clearly. This does not work and when we go to start the engine again, it does not start.

We call the manager of the COOP store to get a tow , the only number we have. Channel 16 is not within range. Louise alerts the RCMP. We talk to them and we agree on one hour to try to fix the engine before they send the tow. At the 55 minute mark, the engine starts. We resume our way to the mooring as planned and let the RCMP know we are good. By good, I mean the engine is running, but no progress on the autopilot. We keep moving towards Frechette island.

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  1. moaslin says:

    Hello Francoise, I came across your blog and look forward to following your trip. Good wishes to you and Dunnery, Maureen

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