Aug 17, 2018 NWP day 14 White Bay 23,1 NM total 563,8 NM

We lost signal yesterday shortly after leaving Pond Inlet, so today the post is by satphone, which means no pictures. Sorry about that. I will add them later.
Yesterday was a delight, the fog lifted and we went West in Eclipse Sound 36,8 NM under power as there never seem to be much wind in Eclipse Sound. We had a small scare with the engine but this was fixed quickly and we anchored safely in a natural harbour on Baffin Island between Emerson and Curry Island across from Frechette island. The sceneries were grand all around us with incredible cliffs reflecting in the calm waters. We did get the autopilot part but in the end, it still does not work, looks like we need more parts. Story to be continued. Dinner featured Arctic char, yet another treat!
This morning, we had a shore excursion and the beachcombing produced a giant whale vertebrae and a narwhal head with a very small fragment of the small tooth left, the long tooth had been poached sadly. All this to be verified by experts. This is just my guess.

At 11am, we go although the fog has not quite lifted yet. We motor along the coast of Curry island around the cape and angle South, a very light breeze finally pushes the fog away and we are presented with landscapes reminding me of the Grand Canyon, because of the scale and the geological formations. We keep pushing South and arrive in White bay. The sun is out, the air is fresh and we climb up the mountains for a higher viewpoint of the canyon-like bay. It feels as if we are the first people ever to walk there, we build two cairns with flat rocks. The ground is very wet and muddy and there are a few flowers that are beginning to wilt. Summer is almost over.
There are six loaves of freshly baked bread on the galley counter as we go down the companionway. It smells great and it’s nice and warm.

We are at 79 degrees West, the furthest we have been so far from 56 degrees W in Upernavik. The weather is abnormally cold for the season, the global warming seems to be reversing with two year old ice lingering through the NWP. The ice map is not improving either, in fact some areas that were melting are now showing red again.

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2 Responses to Aug 17, 2018 NWP day 14 White Bay 23,1 NM total 563,8 NM

  1. sallycole says:

    I go to Google Maps ever time you post to see the satellite terrain. It’s good that you identify your location. Pray the ice abates…

  2. Mary Allan says:

    Hi Dunnnery and Francoise. Thanks for the log. David and I are enjoying reading it together each day and imagining what it must be like to be exploring such a different part of our country. Good to hear that you are having many land excursions, so interesting. We are all well here. Toronto finally got some rain, such a hot and dry summer. Kate is doing well and will register to return to school in September.

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