Aug 15, 2018 NWP day 12 still hanging in Pond Inlet Hamlet

We get woken up this morning by rumbling noises along the hull of the boat. This is just some flat pieces of iceberg that are travelling fast with the current and hitting us pretty hard. We receive quite a few hits, the bergs pivot as they hit us and continue their drifting East. We then watch them hit the two other boats anchored behind us. Only the tanker is spared, having relocated well offshore towards Bylot island. The floating line delivering fuel cannot be put in jeopardy. The tanker comes only once a year with gasoline, diesel and kerosene in different tanks, 7 million liters in total. We seem to be fine although a tiny bit shaken, yes not just stirred.

It’s just one thing after another, now that Fred got the heater to work again with an extra pump and lots of air bleeding, we did not get our autopilot part last night. It stayed in Iqaluit. First Air is just as unreliable as Air Canada. There is only one flight a day so crossing our fingers for tonight.

Narwhal in the library.

The library

Salmon fishing canoe

We have another walk in the barrens today, this landscape really grows on you.

On the beach we see the nets used to catch arctic char, one fish per dog! I want to be a dog in my next life.

Although we cannot reply to your

comments, we love your encouragements and all the kind words. It’s been wonderful to get all your news.

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2 Responses to Aug 15, 2018 NWP day 12 still hanging in Pond Inlet Hamlet

  1. sallycole says:

    Your photos are amazing, and your attitude is commendable considering the obstacles…

  2. phee hudson says:

    Francoise, we are loving your blog, reminds us so much of our time in Greenland and Rick’s time in the Arctic. The flowers in your picture remind me of what we saw. Be careful of those bergie bits, we sliced a foot long hole in the side of our zodiac in Greenland!

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