Aug 10, 2018 NWP day 7 Crossing Baffin Bay further West

Dunnery and I have been married 33 years today, we are giving ourselves rain-checks for celebrations. The hour long watches continue day and night. It is not harder at night because there is no night. It’s no longer a midnight sun , moot point when it’s that overcast anyway, but there is no darkness. The few isolated icebergs we pass are easily visible as they reflect the light.
We are in the middle of Baffin bay, no land visible, only birds to keep us company. Eta to land is Saturday night.

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2 Responses to Aug 10, 2018 NWP day 7 Crossing Baffin Bay further West

  1. Dominique says:

    Hello Françoise et Dunnery,
    Bon anniversaire de Mariage !
    Camille vient d’accoucher de Rodrigue, petit frère de Louise que vous connaissez et qui a maintenant 6 ans et d’Esteban qui a trois ans. J’étais à Paris pour la naissance. On a parlé de Victoria, de vous, de votre incroyable voyage !
    Bon anniversaire sans nuit et au milieu de très très gros glaçons !!
    Je vous embrasse

  2. Sharon Hume says:

    Happy Anniversary!! 🥂🥂 we are living your blog posts!! Keep em comong. Such an adventure and so well portrayed in your daily posts. Looking forward to having you home and seeing all the pictures. Can we send you any clothing to keep warm?

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