Aug 9, 2018 NWP day 6 Crossing Baffin Bay at sea about 55 NM total 183.9 NM

We start crossing Baffin Bay at 11:45 towards Dundas Harbour on Lancaster sound. The heater is still not cooperating and after about 3 hours driving with fog under auto-pilot, It stops working as well. Daughter Veronica is our saviour, she managed to order and ship us the part for the auto-pilot by First Air, and it should be there on Monday. We will pick it up at the COOP store. In the meantime, we take one hour watches driving the boat in the elements. And catch sleep in between.

I got sea sick when we stopped the engine, to diagnose the auto-pilot and after dinner, I am really very sea-sick. I put a patch on and after a pretty green face 4 hours, it starts working and I feel human again despite the swells. We are sometimes under genoa and sometimes motor-sailing, the wind is DDW, hard work.


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2 Responses to Aug 9, 2018 NWP day 6 Crossing Baffin Bay at sea about 55 NM total 183.9 NM

  1. Dominique says:

    Et pendant que vous êtes au nord, il fait 33° sur la plage de Bormes les Mimosas où je suis ! L’eau fait 27°…sans méduse. Une eau aussi chaude n’arrive pas avant…Profitons avant que tout change !

  2. Marc Owen-Flood says:

    Glad your safe and your blogs are amazing and hellomto Dunnery MOF xoxox

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