Aug 11, 2018 NWP day 8 Beloeil island total 498,9 NM

We are in sight of Baffin island , about 15 miles from our chosen Anchorage south of Bylot island. We have gone through thick fog and rain, but it’s lifting a bit as we approach land. We can see snow and ice on Baffin island. It looks like a Christmas card scenery. It’s chilly on watch and tea is a real treat when you get relieved by the next dress for the North pole crew member.

Two very large icebergs greet us as we get closer. Fredo has hoisted the courtesy Canadian flag and we are ready for clearance from Canada Customs. This is it, as we enter Pond Inlet, we are in the Northwest passage.

The entire crossing of 370 NM took four days with two overnights.

We have planned to anchor on the way to Pond inlet Nunavut at Beloeil island so we can rest a bit after 3 days of agitated seas.

Our auto-pilot part should be at COOP in Pond inlet Monday evening, we are all excited to have a cultural day tomorrow.

[Status publish immediately]

[Tag: NWP, Nortwest passage, Pond inlet,Baffin bay.]

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