Alaska 2013 July 5 Day 44 Hoonah 42.3 NM Total 1567 NM

We are leaving Juneau as the fishing fleet is coming back in and they are rafting 7 deep on the breakwater. No way we would find a spot for our sailboat in this grab what you can system of allocating space. Would hate to be squished between those monster seiners.

We have not got a permit for Glacier bay yet so we have changed the itinerary to stop in Hoonah where there is phone service and a library with Wi-Fi.  Good news arrive, we now have a two-day permit for July 8-9 and maybe that can be extended.


Pt Retreat Lighthouse

Pt Retreat Lighthouse

Hoonah is a busy fishing harbour originally a Tlingit village. There are  still totem poles and dugout canoes just sitting in open sheds.


AlaskaD44 006

We are starting to miss home a bit and have picked some wild flowers to decorate the boat. See the white bog orchids (long narrow stem with many small flowers, the blue Nootka lupin and the Unalska paintbrush (yellow), and of course the fireweed (tall purple) and the dwarf fireweeed, not so tall in the back.

AlaskaD44 003

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3 Responses to Alaska 2013 July 5 Day 44 Hoonah 42.3 NM Total 1567 NM

  1. John Edwards says:

    I have been reading your blog and enjoying all of it. I was just accessing through the net, however am now signed up so I receive each new post.
    Best wishes,

  2. Ian Izard says:

    The flowers look great. Your SUV is looking a little bit deserted, so Sasha and I will give it a wash today. We love the blog.

    • Francoise Ducret says:

      Hello Ian, Finally a connection after many days cut off. No phone signal on the West Side here, only internet at the library. Thank you very much for looking after things for us. All is going well on the trip except the “sunny” part. Wish you were here! in Pelican Chichagof Island *Franoise* *And check out my blogs:* ** ** * * **

      On Sat, Jul 6, 2013 at 12:19 PM, The Sailing Frog off to Glacier Bay,

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