Alaska 2013 July 2-3-4 Day 41-42-43 Juneau 82 NM Total 1524 NM

So we took all of July 2 to get back from Whitehorse to Juneau via Carcross, Fraser, Skagway. We left Richard Hicks in Whitehorse to fly home to a well deserved rest after all our adventures together. He was very lucky as he got the best streak of good weather ever heard of in Alaska. We our now back to overcast,  cold, and a general forecast of rain in the morning and showers in the afternoon. Welcome back to Alaska.

AlaskaJuneau2 009

We took a day to re-supply, do laundry, a general boat clean-up on July 3,  and by 10 pm it was pouring so hard and it was so cold that we decided to pass on the fireworks  downtown since we would have no way to get back to the boat 12 miles away other than a walk along the highway. They shot a few around the marina  so we took advantage of those.

AlaskaJuneau2 016

Today, we hitch-hiked to the trail head of Mendenhall Glacier as buses are not running    and then hiked a few miles along Auke Lake and the Mendenhall Glacier along a most pretty trail in a beautiful forest. We got ride with Phil, born here,  and some people from California, both extremely helpful and friendly. That adds up to the long hike we did in Skagway. A few miles up the mountain and down to Sturdgill Landing and back. We are getting our legs back.

AlaskaJuneau2 013

Weather permitting we are off tomorrow  to Glacier Bay so it will be a long time for the next post. We will be going the furthest north of our trip and then  turning back towards Sitka for an ETA of July 19. May have phone in Hoonah, will see.

AlaskaWhitehorse 024 (2)

Western Columbine, Goat beard, irises and other wild flowers in Skagway

Alaska 056

Wild irises

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