Alaska 2013 July 6 Day 45 Neka Bay Port Frederick off Icy Strait 11.9 NM Total 1579 NM

In the end Glacier Bay granted a permit for July 8 and 9 and this morning, an extension for July 10, 11, 12. They go from midnight to midnight so that will allow us four nights in the National Park and Preserve.



We are exploring Frederick Sound. Morning walk to the Old Cannery now re-rehabilitated into a cruise ship terminal and eco-museum complete with zip-lining from the background cliff. We just walk on the nature trail as everything is deserted while there are no ships in town.

Sitka Spruce

Sitka Spruce

Then we make our way down Frederick Sound to Chimney Rock. We can’t find any information about it but it very much looks like the Eddystone Rock we saw earlier, a harden lava plug. As we get closer for a picture, two bald eagles salute us with much singing.


Neka Bay is beautiful and we have it to ourselves. We have seen fish jumping all day so Dunnery makes a 10 minute attempt with his new fishing rod and is ….. off for a paddle. We are not having fresh fish for dinner! I guess the bugs were too bad to stand immobile in the bay.


We are at the half-time mark, time is slipping too fast despite the rain.


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