Thursday Aug 25, 2022 Day 11 Haines Junction Pine lake territorial park campground 358km total trip 5504 kms

The ride was so smooth today, all on paved roads and no constructions. Had a slight scare as we are testing the diesel range of the camper, but we got to the station with 3.4 l to spare, so over 30 kms, phew!

We zipped through Whitehorse again as the SS Klondike paddle wheeler is temporarily closed to the public. Just a brief stop at the supermarket to top up the groceries. That means a very easy dinner of Rotisserie chicken and mixed veggies with blueberry pie. Yes, every meal is a one-pot entree cooked on the one induction burner, I love the quick clean up! Then we are on the last stretch of the Alaska highway going to Kluane National park located near the border.

Today we met a Dutch couple in a VW van they own and shipped here to tour and a French gang from Lyon in a big Iveko camper they also brought along. So that’s Austrians, Swiss, Germans, Dutch and French cruising our parks in their European made , shipped here, campers. And there are likely many more.

The French in their Iveko at the Kluane park office in Haines Junction
The Swiss back from Prudhoe and Tuktoyaktuk

After reserving our spot, lakeside again, at the campground we go for a short easy hike along Kathleen Lake in the southern section of Kluane, again profusion of mushrooms and berries.

One of three grouses opening the trail for us
Up from Kathleen Lake, not for us!
Mini checking the freshness of the bear scat on the trail

Tonight, the campground has cell signal, which is fabulous but the temperature is going down low in the mountains so we have the HBC blankets out and we will brave the cold.

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