Friday Aug 26, 2022 Day 12 355kms total trip 5860 kms

Chilly and windy start this morning but the sun shines and we are again on the way to Kluane National park West of Haines Junction for a longer hike.

On the Alaska highway
Kluane lake

First we check in at the North ranger station as they like to know where people go (and bears as well). We are lucky today as about 20 Dall sheeps are on our side of the ridge of the mountain (out of the 200 living up there.

Dall sheep at the very top

From there we start the Sheep creek hike and it’s not Shitt’s creek. It is glorious, worth climbing 450 meters over 5 kms. Freezing at the top so we basically run downhill back to the camper.

Total 10.4 kms says Gaia

Another interesting encounter today at the ranger station, the Body duck from Scania shipped here from Switzerland. I can’t imagine what the Europeans think of traveling in the Yukon, polar bears, ice, giant potholes, creeks to cross without bridges? What makes them think that they need this sort of armored camper to survive. The funniest part was that as soon as they arrived, the woman ran to the pit toilet. So what’s in there? No loo, just survival rations and guns? And tiny windows so no one can see their goodies.

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2 Responses to Friday Aug 26, 2022 Day 12 355kms total trip 5860 kms

  1. Sharon Hume says:

    Looks like a gorgeous hike!! I’m amazed at the number of Europeans you’ve encountered who have shipped their camper vans over for their travels.

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  2. Phee says:

    f you are still around there, drop in to Silver City at Kluane Lake where you can take a little plane to look at Mt Logan, it is very very impressive, the glaciers up there are spectacular. Ask for Andy or Sian his daughter.

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