Aug 12, 2018 NWP day 9 Pond Inlet Nunavut 9NM total 507,9

We start the morning with seven showers , each one of us getting a turn.

Fredo also put a load in the washing machine on board, a small genie that can take 8 kg and return them smelling fresh again using 60 litres of water. The ultimate convenience. Fredoya is so well equipped.

Fred serves a good lunch of smoked halibut and coleslaw with fresh baked buns and yogurt for dessert. Then we each get our daily treat of one calisson d’Aix en Provence , an almond based sweet brought by Helene. Life is good in the NWP.

Dinner is even better with tender seal steak and roast potatoes and French crotin de Chavignol.

We have been cleared by Canadian Border officers with great alacrity, so all is well, we can go to shore in the morning.

Our neighbouring berg before dinner and after.

And other neighbouring, the coast guard Pierre Raddison, with its own helicopter.


[Status publish + 3 hours]

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1 Response to Aug 12, 2018 NWP day 9 Pond Inlet Nunavut 9NM total 507,9

  1. Dominique says:

    Garde un peu de crottin de chavignol…j’arrive pour le dîner !!! Très tentant !! Continuez à passer un beau séjour. Je quitte Aix aujourd’hui, je vais chez des amis sur la belle plage de Cabasson (Bormes les mimosas) où la mer fait 28° et aurait bien besoin d’un des glaçons qui sont à côté de ton bateau. J’embrasse tout le mode !

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