Aug 7, 2018 NWP day 4, Sardlerssuaq 25.6 NM total 59.6 NM

We had a delicious dinner of Arctic char given to us by the crew of Destiny. The night was comfortable at anchor despite the heavy rain and howling winds. By late morning, after checking the forecast, Skipper Fred decides that we are going to go North along the coast of Greenland. We leave just past noon after a lunch of fresh prawns and coleslaw. I am at the wheel for a while quickly becoming drenched and cold. So Harry and Dunnery take over and take us through hundreds of small and gigantic icebergs. The ride is spectacular despite the mist and rain. We hit quite a few of the smaller ice cubes, and the noise on the hull is terrifying at first. Then, getting used to it, we relax and enjoy the show. By the end of the day, we reach the latitude of Ivnarssuit, the village that made international news with their view blocked by an iceberg. Turns out that berg is not so gigantic at all, I have a picture of it for you to check later, but the news was as usual much hoopla for nothing. Now, we are anchored in a small bay across from that village. The new plan is to keep going North along the Greenland shore one more day before crossing Baffin Bay.
All is well with the food, the sleep, the company and the navigation. We have no way to know if the SPOT is working but I keep giving position and a ok message daily. We have a little heater problem, so it’s slightly chilly but our best people are on it! We are also on water rations, as we do not collect rain water. [end]
[NWP, Northwest passage]

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2 Responses to Aug 7, 2018 NWP day 4, Sardlerssuaq 25.6 NM total 59.6 NM

  1. Marc Owen-Flood says:

    Great article and those little ice bergs…
    Marc J. Owen-Flood
    Personal Real Estate Corporation
    Newport Realty
    Christies International Real Estate

  2. John Green says:

    Francoise, the SPOT seems to be working. Marg and I are following you

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