Aug 6, 2018 Day 3 on the NWP. Aappilatoq West Greenland 26.5 NM total 34.6 NM

Unfortunately, the Satphone did not send the picture yesterday so we are investigating…
We had a wonderful dinner last night of Icelandic lamb shoulder with green beans and French fries, a quiet night at anchorage and this morning was much cooler with a fresh breeze from the South/Southwest.

We went back to Upernavik to the Government run grocery store for a top up, Fred had a couple boat parts fixed by a mechanic , and we took a quick tour of the village, going by a few houses, a yard with tied dogs – the bitch with her 6 cute puppies- all of this located below the runway where we landed 2 days ago and nicely tucked in the lee. That runway was recently built by moving tons and tons of rocks an gravel. It is 799 meters long as at 800 , it would have required a control tower.

After the land excursion, we left for Aappilatoq just North of Upernavik. We found a key hole anchorage to get relief from the wind and the chop. We had to navigate through many icebergs, big and small. All very spectacular ice sculptures. First turn at the wheel was interesting, much different from the 40 footer. One has to keep a sharp lookout for depth and icebergs as the charts are not to be trusted and the bergs move constantly, sometimes faster than us, but nothing scary yet!
Helene and Fredo have now gone to pick mussels for dinner at the low tide, and the others are in the process of re-hoisting the fore-sail.
Then, we will prepare for the big sail across Baffin Bay tomorrow, aiming for Devon Island (yes, Franklin was there) north of Baffin Island in Lancaster Sound, Nunavut. Maybe 400 nautical miles from Greenland.

This morning, we met some of the crew of Destiny from England, another sailboat that will be transiting the NWP.

So, the plan is that I will keep sending a daily blog update, so long as I don’t get too sea sick (no problem so far) and that I will upload pictures next time I have Internet.

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1 Response to Aug 6, 2018 Day 3 on the NWP. Aappilatoq West Greenland 26.5 NM total 34.6 NM

  1. Mary Allan says:

    I am enjoying your blog and all the interesting discriptions you give of the landscapes, the people and of course the food. Good luck on the next leg across Baffin Bay. Can’t wait to see a photo. Thinking of you on your great adventure.

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