Aug 4, 2018 Flew to Upernavik and SV Fredoya, anchored South of Upernavik 3.3 NM

The Air Greenland flight is delayed until 6 pm so we have an extra day in Ilulissat for the museums before we rejoin the Freds on board Fredoya tonight.


We don’t know if they plan to leave tonight or in the morning. In any case, likely no more wifi, so I will only be able to post new blogs if I can use the Satphone to send them. We are off to cross Baffin bay if they judge that the ice allows.

You might be able to look us up on this link in a couple days.

As we wait for the plane, we have an amazing plate of smoked red fish, halibut and cod and smoked muskox with pickled beets, onions and carrots at the Icefiord Hotel.

Below are Emanuel A Petersen from the collection at the Ilulissat art museum.

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