Aug 5, 2018 Day 2 on NWP near Upernavik Island 5.2 NM total 8.5 NM

This is a first trial to send a blog by Satphone, and I have included one picture as well as a test.
Last night we got quickly on our way to a nice quiet anchorage south of Upernavik after landing the Dash 8 on a super short runway in tiny Upernavik. There was no security check whatsoever except that you had to click that you had no sharp object with you during the online check-in. Then during the one hour flight, all the passengers got to visit the cockpit, check on the glaciers and chat with the pilots.
Today, we have a few chores to do like fill up the water at the creek where we are anchored and fix the furler on the jib. So, while Fred, Harry and Dunnery work on the repair, I fill the tank and many Jerrycans, and Helene and Harry go fishing for sea urchins which make for our lunch appies. Lunch itself is smoked halibut and salad with home baked bread; Not a bad start on the food!

Everyone is in a very good mood, very excited to be part of the adventure, the boat is very comfortable and huge compared to our Dufour 40. The only bummer is the number of mosquitoes, although they are not too fierce.
We still go for a hike in the afternoon, climbing a bit to get a 360 view of the islands and the icebergs.

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4 Responses to Aug 5, 2018 Day 2 on NWP near Upernavik Island 5.2 NM total 8.5 NM

  1. Ian Izard says:

    Your message came in fine

  2. A. John Peck says:

    Great photos and text, provokes questions to pose on your arrival to the Capitol.
    May calm seas and fair winds be part of the mix.
    Oursain what a delicacy, not tasted since the last visited to Corsica.
    All the best
    John Peck

  3. Cedric Zala says:

    It sounds all too wonderful. What a glorious adventure. Lissa

  4. Pat says:

    Very exciting to follow your blog and see the photos! No pic with this last one though so maybe too much for the Satphone. Food sounds amazing!

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