Alaska 2013 July 25 Day 64 Port Protection Prince of Wales Island 32.1 NM Total 2129 NM

We successfully went through Rocky Pass,  37  navigation aids set by the Coast Guard  to help guide you in narrow and very shallow waters  in superb surroundings. The passage has to be time for the high slack at Devil’s elbow, a 90 degree turn where many boats have run aground. It means that you have over 3 meters of extra water and basically no currents to deal with. Since some of the marked depths  at  low tide are just over a foot, this is crucial. 


Port Protection

Our biggest difficulty and the most annoying really was the kelp forming giant nods and beds sometimes completely obstructing the way from shore to shore or at least  across the width of the navigable channel. Some kelp obstructed the engine cooling system at some point but we were able to kick it off by switching the engine off, some backing up, and lifting long plants from the prop  with the boat hook. 


It took  some preparation to get to know the route and then high focus to get through, one of us on the helm and one on navigation, figuring out the markers, where to be, and the next headings.

Port Protection

Port Protection

All went well  and  after 15 miles of this tense business we ended up in Keku Strait and spotted some whales in the riptides off Port Protection. Mt Calder was in the background on PWO Island. We are now tied up at a free state float inside the pretty and well sheltered harbor, a relaxing stop after the winds  in the strait.


Rocky Pass

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