Alaska 2013 June 20 Day 29 Anita Bay Zimovia Strait 38.1 NM Total 1015 NM

This is our Dunnery and Francoise in Alaska,” meet the bears”  little story part II. This morning Dunnery went for an early paddle, maybe not that early if you consider that it was full daylight at 3:00am, but nevertheless, before most people make it to work! He   went back to the salt lagoon in the direction of the Anan Falls and that took him along the trail to the  bear observatory. Casually keeping an eye on the boardwalk, maybe checking for other fools that would use the trails when there is no salmon run, he did not see any evidence of  such  naïve bravery or stupidity.



He did however took  a couple shots of the local resident checking his grounds while out  on his morning constitutional. Mr Ursus Horribilis himself was going up and down the stairs inspecting his boardwalk. Seems as if we may have to exercise more caution when landing on the Alaska Panhandle. The awful shrill whistles that we must attach to our life jackets may have saved our life, something I would have never imagined!


From then on, it pretty much rained all day, we had another paddle in Anita Bay, a large  bay surrounded by mountains and snow, a lovely easy anchorage despite the grey colours today.


We have now 1015 nautical miles on the odometer, we are just past 56 degrees latitude North and 132.50 longitude West.

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