Alaska 2013 June 3 Day 12 Bishop Hot Springs Ursula Channel 50.4 NM total 523 NM

Two milestones today, we passed 53 degrees latitude North around Butedale  and the trip odometer has over 500 nautical miles.


Hiekish Narrows at 9 knots, Graham reach, Fraser Reach, amazing sceneries, lots of snow, some wing to wing sailing. Swanson Bay and Butedale used to be active fishing and logging communities but there is pretty much no one and nothing left.


Today is a lot warmer and I actually peel off most of my layers. I am getting a light tan too. We arrive at Bishop Bay late, past four , again accompanied by a school of Dahl  porpoise and tie to a mooring boy, as two boats are cluttering the entire docks with strategic unfriendly positioning and their dinghies.


We quickly change for swim suit and get an awesome reward for the detour, a half hour soak in a natural pool in  the rocks  fed by a natural hot spring at just the right temperature to take away all the stiffness  of our bodies. We have the place to ourselves, the sun is going down, it is still warm, we are just day dreaming and looking at all the floats hanging from the roof built over the pool. Visitors engrave them with their names and date of visit.

Bishop Natural Hot Springs

Bishop Natural Hot Springs

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