Thursday Nov 24 2022 day 11 Anderson CA (Redding) 542 kms trip total 2936 kms

Before leaving Monterey this morning, we went back for a walk right to the end of the pier to visit the sea lions we heard last night.

Then it’s a long grind on I5 with the heavy Thanksgiving traffic. It is the last day of sunshine with rain and overcast weather in the forecast for tomorrow, so although we are still quite far here is a picture of Shasta in a mix of sun and smog.

All the stores and restaurants are closed, Thanksgiving is a full Holiday here, only gas stations are opened.

Room for three
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4 Responses to Thursday Nov 24 2022 day 11 Anderson CA (Redding) 542 kms trip total 2936 kms

  1. Paul Vigneux says:


    div dir=”ltr”>Mini looks nice and snug. She’s a well travelled litt

  2. Mary Allan says:

    Video clip is a bonus feature. Well done. I have enjoyed cruising along with you on your trip. Interesting points of interest and excellent photos!

    Safe travels.

  3. Cedric says:

    So wonderful to read about your travels and experiences. It brings back good memories of our own trips through California a decade or so ago. Wishing you a safe journey back.

  4. veronrd says:

    Safe travels home, you three.

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