Tuesday Nov 22 2022 day 9 El Choro State Park near Morro Bay 32 kms trip total 2143 kms

First thank you all for the kind comments and your appreciation for this blog entirely done on my cell. It does help me focus on our experiences and it is lovely to read your takes on our travels. Excuse the lack of response but please do keep commenting!

Today is a lazy day, we go back to the rock, a volcanic formation, and walk along the cliff’s side to a point covered with cairns built by visitors.

Then after grocery shopping at a fantastic supermarket all geared up for Thanksgiving, we end up in Los Osos across the bay for lunch at a seaside café. Another take on the Rock. The temperature is very enjoyable at 24 C.

Morro bay from Los Osos

At El Choro State park, adjacent to a golf course and the Botanical gardens, we end the day with a sunset hike to Eagle rock up in the hills.

It’s dark very early, sunset at 5pm, and not much daylight after that. We turn in early as it’s now cold, probably 5 C overnight.

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2 Responses to Tuesday Nov 22 2022 day 9 El Choro State Park near Morro Bay 32 kms trip total 2143 kms

  1. Sharon Hume says:

    Such an inspiring trip!! The combo of beautiful scenery and gre

  2. veronrd says:

    The sense of FOMO is really hitting hard now. 24° sounds perfect. Here you missed a deluge of rain.
    Do you meet many other van travelers?

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