Friday Nov 18 2022 day 5 Mill Valley North of San Francisco 289 kms Trip total 1592 kms

Today was a driving experience. The coast from Fort Bragg to the Golden Gate bridge, so many twists and turns, many hairpin turns some steeper than Tour de France routes, roads so narrow that it’s a challenge to keep inside your lane, stupendous precipices and hardly ever railing, speed limits going as low as 15mph in the sharper turns.

But in return, amazing views of the ocean, the surf, the rock formations, the bluffs, and roads lined with old pine trees or Eucalyptus providing great shade. The road is so challenging that turn out spaces for slow drivers are frequent and their use mandatory as soon as there are five cars behind you.

Beside the roller coaster in a camper, the high point of the day (literally) was the Punta Arena light house, tallest on the West Coast at 115 ft.

It marks the Arena rock, submerged 6 feet at low tide, responsible for over 100 shipwrecks.

The top after 145 steps, the light is an LED now the size of a small keg
The Arena rock hiding somewhere off the lighthouse

Close to the light house we went on a walk on the top of the bluffs which are a National Monument , it was almost like walking “The Salt Path”. Many birds and turkey vultures soaring above.

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3 Responses to Friday Nov 18 2022 day 5 Mill Valley North of San Francisco 289 kms Trip total 1592 kms

  1. Sharon Hume says:

    Lucky you with such spectacular clear sunny days!!

    Francoise my daughter has developed an allergic reaction to something in our house. I haven’t asked them yet but is your offer to use your house for a bit still open?

    Thank you.

    We can bring sheets etc and change the beds.

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  2. Bonnie says:

    Wow! This trip is spectacular. I’d like to do the same trip someday. xoxoxo

  3. veronrd says:

    Mini looks like she’s having a blast!

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