Thursday November 17 2022 Fort Bragg California 445 kms trip total 1303 kms

First big event is the border crossing from Oregon to California, all vehicles are stopped by the fruit police. We do declare our 2 oranges and after establishing whether they were of the big or small category, the officer gives them back because they are deemed clean enough. We do have to swear to dispose of the peels in the garbage, we would not want to contaminate the California compost with orange peels bought in Oregon, but originally grown in California…

Lagoon creek hike Yurok loop

We take a first hike in the frisk morning at Lagoon creek and head to Redwood National Park and hike the nature trail through the giant redwood trees.

The elks are at a convention near the park’s HQ
These guys are a bit more aloof

Further South we cross another bigger Redwood forest, the Humboldt State park on the Avenue of the Giants, a smaller road parallel to hwy 101, which takes you through the whole park on a narrow two lane road with giant trees sometimes growing right to the white line marking the shoulder.

The black dot in the center of this section is from year 912 AD just over a millenium

Finally in pitch dark, no lights, no moon, we drive the twistiest road I now know, the northern section of California highway 1 to Fort Bragg.

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2 Responses to Thursday November 17 2022 Fort Bragg California 445 kms trip total 1303 kms

  1. Sharon Hume says:

    So beautiful! Thanks for sharing your adventures.

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. veronrd says:

    Those redwoods are something else!

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