Tuesday November 15 2022 day 2 Newport Oregon 556.5 kms trip total 574 kms

Great start of the day with a bright sun, clear sky and 5 degrees. As we make our way south it will reach 16 degrees and the strong wind gusts are not unpleasant.

Across the Columbia river

We joined highway 101 South just before Astoria and cross the giant bridges and causeways over the Columbia river, the last encounter of the ships heading to the Orient. They are all lined up upstream of the bridge presumably waiting for the low tide.


Then we drive through Seaside, the quaintest seaside town in Oregon, I imagine. We are writing it down for a stop on the back North as today we want to make it to Newport, Oregon.

We also go by Cannon beach and Hug point.

Seaside OR Better than La Promenade des Anglais in Nice

Cannon beach
The family hug at Hug point
Quick stop at the Tillamook Creamery
Following the coast at sunset

Dinner is at the Italian café in Newport where Chef Zach also the Maitre d’ serves a wonderful menu with succulent vegetables and local porcini , enough to get me excited about hiking in the woods tomorrow.

Great selection of local wines
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3 Responses to Tuesday November 15 2022 day 2 Newport Oregon 556.5 kms trip total 574 kms

  1. Cedric Zala says:

    Hi, Francoise – So you are off an yet another adventure! Good for you both. We drove down through California on our trip to Mexico almost 8 years ago. Our van is in having the engine re-built . Once our mechanic (who is also our neighbour) had the engine out, he suggested other bits be replaced (gear box, coolant system, etc) while access to them was easy. And then he found that some parts are very challenging to come by, not being manufactured by Volkswagen any more, not in any wreckers in BC, possibly could get something from the State, etc. He has had it about 2 months now with no promise on when it will finally be done. But it will be a dream machine, I’m sure, when it is done. Oh, and very expensive, too. We will catch up when you are back. We still talk of our Brittany hike with great fondness. Lissa

  2. Mary Allan says:

    Beautiful photos. I’m envious as we had our first dump of snow in Toronto! I love the menu of the restaurant—I’ll have the lamb meatballs please. Have a safe journey Francoise and Dunnery.


  3. Sharon Hume says:

    So beautiful! And dinner looks amazing! Good find.

    Enjoy the warm weather!

    Sent from my iPhone


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