Sat Sept 3, 2022 Day 20 Victoria BC 814 kms total trip 8695 kms

Well it is a long weekend so new windshield replacement in northern BC is not likely to happen before Tuesday even if our item is in stock locally. We decide to cancel further driving around, the detour to Barkerville and the hikes around Quesnel and to go regroup at home. So we follow google ‘s directions, clean the broken glass with acetone, fill all the cracks with Crazy glue and tape them with industrial strength transparent strips. Hopefully, we have got this contained.

The cracks near PG

Better to deal with an Autoglass business that we can go back to if there are issues with the work. So we drive from PG to the ferries in 10 hours, through more smoke in the Fraser canyon and the temperature reaches 34.5 degrees.

We go without further incidents except the extension of the cracks to about 40 cms across the driver side vision line for me. The repair did not hold completely but it got us there.

We arrive at 6:15pm but miss the 7 pm and thanks to Daughter CJ’s inventive contribution to our pantry I am able to fix us a quick dinner of pure grains à la mexicaine Aztec chipotle with vegetables and chicken in no time. A well deserved feast to conclude our gourmet tour of the North.

Cooking on the ferry parking lot
The cracked windshield on the ferry

So we had to shorten our northern adventure quite a bit. Will have to think of another expedition closer to home this fall and of course Alaska is in the book for next summer, maybe all the way to Kodiak island on the Alaska ferries.

Thanks for reading and commenting, always a pleasure to hear from you from so far away. As they say, wish you were there with us. And you were in a way!

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2 Responses to Sat Sept 3, 2022 Day 20 Victoria BC 814 kms total trip 8695 kms

  1. Lissa Zala says:

    So glad you are safe at home. Lots to talk about – what an adventure!

  2. veronrd says:

    Glad you made it home safe xo

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