Friday Sept 2, 2022 Day 19 South of Prince George 509 kms total trip 7881 kms

The day starts well enough but as we are on the way to Hudson’s Hope our windshield gets it by a rock from a truck with a wood load and we get a loonie size chip. Bad luck, on a nice paved highway too.

Sunny before we get close to the dam

We go on East along the Peace river to the Williston reservoir and the WAC Bennett dam in pretty heavy smoke due to local forest fires caused by lightning. But nothing too serious.

In fact after some consideration, the visitor center decides that they can run the tour anyway so we jump on the school bus and cross over to the other side of the reservoir on the top of the dam. Pretty spectacular, the water on one side and the hydro lines up to 500 kilovolts on the other side going locally, to Vancouver, and Vancouver Island, to Alberta and even some all the way to New Mexico. This a huge facility with enormous capacity.

The reservoir behind the dam from across
From the visitor center when we arrive
The wires and HQ

After that we get on the way to visit Barkerville, but just as we reach Bear Lake on hwy 97, we get another hit from a truck, this time the chip is toonie size, deeper, and spiders in 2 long cracks horizontally. It is very bad luck, 2 in one day. We decide to investigate, make some calls and stay in Prince George for the night.

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  1. veronrd says:

    Very cool dam!

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