Thurs Sept 1, 2022 Day 18 Charlie lake provincial park @ Ft st John 382 kms total trip 7372 kms

Except for the sun’s comeback, nothing important today. The high point was talking to Nicolas who turned 34. He made the suggestion that we detour to WAC Bennett dam for a visit so that will be tomorrow.

We had a good communion with nature this morning walking the ski trails of Fort Nelson with no one around at all. We also filled up the water tank at the Rec centre where we met super nice Californians heading up to the Dempster in a Sprinter van. Suddenly, we felt and maybe sounded like experts, amazing how much we have learned in just over a couple weeks.

This afternoon the Alaska highway took us on the Sikani river bridge where a tanker of condensate went off the road and burned down last Thursday. It is still single lane alternate traffic for now, hopefully the bridge can be saved.

Thursday, Photo by CBC

We are in a big provincial park tonight at Charlie lake, named after the engineers of Charlie company. We walked to the lake on a long  alder forest  trail after dinner. We still love camping very much.

The rain gave the camper a good rinse

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