Wed Aug 31, 2022 Day 17 Fort Nelson 308 kms total trip 6990 kms

Another brilliant early soak in the Liard river at the hot springs and we are off again in the atmospheric river. It rains so much, so hard that we abandon hiking at Muncho lake and Summit lake.

The Liard river very shallow and hot pool at the end of a 700 m boardwalk from the campground, this is a stock photo, we did not have it sunny like that.
View of Muncho lake which normally looks turquoise

But we are lucky with wildlife sightings, first a moose and then caribous.

Cow moose

And this is the antithesis of the items in the camper collection so far. A 1972 VW microbus plated in Sao Paulo, travelling from Argentina to the Arctic ( maybe from Terra del Fuego so the gateway to Antarctica to the Arctic). Ojala means I wish, looks like they done it as we follow them going East/South on the Alaska highway at about 60 km/hr up the hills. An almost lifetime commitment to no frills travels.

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3 Responses to Wed Aug 31, 2022 Day 17 Fort Nelson 308 kms total trip 6990 kms

  1. Lissa Zala says:

    Your trip is unbelievable. Fabulous scenery, goods tips on camping in the north, and now wildlife! Amazing.

  2. Holly Blefgen says:

    LOVE IT – OJALA!!!

  3. veronrd says:

    What’s cuter, a moose or a caribou?

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