Sun Aug 28, 2022 Day 14 Spirit lake North of Carcross 83 kms total trip 6041 kms

Today was big hike day, nothing else to accomplish!

The Windy arm of Tagish lake

We decided on this historic trail up into the alpine below Montana Mountain. The trail was originally made to service the tramway built in 1905 by Sam McGee for a silver mining operation. There are many remnants of the tramway and mining artifacts along the trail. The view from the top is fantastic, with Windy Arm of Tagish Lake below, and all of the surrounding mountains

The tramway for the mine

The trail is about 9km according to the guidebooks but we did a little extra to get to another view point, so 10 km total in exactly 5 and a half hours including 2 stops. Does not sound like much at all, until you input 804 meters of vertical. From 689m in the old quarry where we parked by the Windy arm of Tagish Lake to 1493m where we turned around, the full Sam McGee trail ++ and a pretty close look at Hero mountain even further up, an overnight hike people do to get a chance to glance at the sheep.

Above the tree line Mt Hero far back

Around 1300m of altitude we found an amazing patch of crowberries so picked a few.

Mini did the whole 10 k, she went straight to her basket when we got to the car, did not even beg for a lift to the passenger seat! A first.

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  1. veronrd says:

    Those photos don’t even look real*, they’re so breathtaking.

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