Sat Aug 27, 2022 Day 13 South of Carcross BC, on Lake Tagish YT, Conrad territorial park 98 kms trip total 5958 kms

Slow start taking full advantage of the motel and the view of the Yukon river.

We finally load the camper and as we do the final pre-departure check on the street parking, a fox appears and stops in front of us, checking us out without any shyness or fear. His tail is about as long as his body.

Then a 5 kms hike on the trails bordering the river from the SS Klondike paddle wheeler to the  dam and the fish ladders. The Chinook are very few here this year.

The fish ladders

Then, we drive East on the Alaska highway And rurn South at #2. First, Emerald lake, then  we take a short walk around Carcross, famous because of the White pass and the Chilkoot trail. But it does not stand up to my memories of 9 years ago. The train does no longer come all the way past the border because of the Arrive Can requirements and the place has been appropriated by the cruise ship business and looks like a Potemkin town. The Caribou hotel is being renovated so only the  Matthew Watson general store is still holding the fort so to speak and I get a T-shirt in honour of Klondike Mike. (Best non fiction Gold rush/frontier book ever).

Emerald lake
The White pass train station in Carcross

Again the campground is a gem, Yukon government’s latest addition, and we have a view on the lake although somewhat obstructed by gorgeous alders. It’s very windy so no bugs, and because we came in earlier than our usual we have BBQ ribs on the alder fire. Life is good, no frost expected tonight!

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2 Responses to Sat Aug 27, 2022 Day 13 South of Carcross BC, on Lake Tagish YT, Conrad territorial park 98 kms trip total 5958 kms

  1. Sharon Hume says:

    Brings back so many memories.☺️👍

    I used to walk that trail up the river toward Miles Canyon every day to and from work. However, in our day it was just a rough foot path used by very few.

    Enjoy your big free time😉

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  2. veronrd says:

    Show us the tee shirt!

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