Tues Aug 23, 2022 Day 9 Tombstone territorial park 300 kms trip total 4709 kms

Started cold and foggy, cleared up to allow pictures, then rain. Overall a difficult ride with lots of rough sections and slow downs.

At a construction site waiting for the pilot truck, we meet Austrians who shipped their Mercedes Hymer from Hamburg to the US and now tour the North, although their heater is broken and they have no hot water either.

Best encounter of the day is a beautiful big lynx I got to see almost face to face with the window down. He was along the shore of the Peel river likely hunting for ducks and other birds.

The beard!!!
Same lynx
crossing the highway behind the camper window

Then on Two-moose lake we see no moose, but a lonely swan , apparently he does not have a mate this year.

At the observation area there we meet Czech people taking pictures, they do not speak any English so we still have no idea what was in the dozen large black garbage bags they carry in the back of the pick up. Poached caribou, real garbage or their luggage?

Blue skies for a short while

We arrive at Tombstone just as the campground has filled up, so we are in the overflow area which is rather nice and quiet. It is also bordering the interpretative trail which we walk before our dinner of beef broccoli with Chinese Udon noodles. The rain this evening is not completely unwelcome as it rinses some of the muck on the camper.

In Eagle Plains
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3 Responses to Tues Aug 23, 2022 Day 9 Tombstone territorial park 300 kms trip total 4709 kms

  1. Mary Allan says:

    Wow, beautiful photos you captured of the Lynx. Grandma Dora had a wonderful visit with Nick, Matilda and Olivia on Wednesday. So fun!! She was thrilled.

  2. Sharon Hume says:

    Wow!! Great pictures of the lynx! What an amazing treat! Where yo next? Are you going to head into Alaska?

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. jshart1 says:

    Hey you two – I’ve been enjoying your travel tales. Must do that trip one day, looks beautiful. I hope you had a quick dip in the ocean at Tuk. Hopefully we’ll catch you in the fall sometime. Sandra has her shoulder surgery on Sep. 12 – I probably told you – and then will be easy-chair-bound for a month. Enjoy your southering. Sandy.

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