Monday August 22, 2022 Day 8 Eagle Plains 401 kms total trip 4409 kms

After I posted the blog in Tuk yesterday, we checked the weather forecast and with lots of rain coming, the already very muddy road between Tuk and Inuvik would turn into a slide, so we decided not to camp in town in the chilly arctic air ( also still can’t figure out what’s wrong with Webasto the heater) and we drove back to Inuvik territorial campground , a grand facility with view !, flush toilet!!, hot showers !!!, and cell signal !!!! all within a kilometre of the town.

23:21 sunset from the camper window
no flash for the picture

On the way back  we are overpassed by a couple of long tail jaegers, pretty sight. We pass a few snowmobile wreck yards or summer storage areas, hard to tell.

Snow machines and the Pingo in the distance

Both in Tuk and Inuvik the houses are modest and built off the ground because of the permafrost.

Off the ground in Inuvik
Inuvik main street
The hospital in Inuvik

Most interesting was Bob’s gas bar where we got our overpriced Diesel,which is also, the garage, storage, boat haulage, barge building, laundry, coin car wash, welding,  transport and convenience store.

Arctic flora
On the hike to Campbell lake, plenty of mushrooms we can’t eat
Stairs to the great wilderness
Wider road here to double up as unpaved
emergency airstrip
Another airstrip used recently
Rain in the mountains  still in NWT
Back in the Yukon
Mud bath for lone cyclist
Weather turning very wet and foggy at the Yukon border, road is so slippery we have to slow right down

After 7 days of camper, time for luxury. We end up with the very last room of the dingy motel with only a small bed. But the shower feels wonderful and Mini loves the bath.

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3 Responses to Monday August 22, 2022 Day 8 Eagle Plains 401 kms total trip 4409 kms

  1. Lissa Zala says:

    It all sounds like a great adventure! The photos really show how it is with the roads, but also with the mountains and lakes.

  2. veronrd says:

    Thinking of that cyclist, sodden but probably so happy.

    Wonderful pictures of the landscape.

  3. Phee says:

    Great blog post and fascinating pictures, sorry that the weather has turned for you. Safe travels.

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