Sunday Aug 21, 2022 Day 7 Tuktoyaktuk 352 kms total trip 3877km kms

It’s about an hour and a half from Fort McPherson to the next ferry , this one across the McKenzie river. We see only one car the whole time as we are between the 2 ferries and they don’t open early morning. But still no wildlife but a ptarmigan. It is overcast with a drizzle.

Approaching the ferry

Still some skinny trees here despite the high latitude, it’s because of the natural irrigation and micro-climate from the McKenzie.In general, it looks like a big swamp, the highway perched up like a dyke.

The NWT portion of the Dempster is in better shape than the Yukon. We can cruise at 70ish if we are prepared to slow right down for potholes and washboard.

Surprise, 10km south of Inuvik, by the airport, we hit a paved highway after 731 km of unpaved! So smooth!

We pass Inuvik and drive all the way through Tuktoyaktuk to the Arctic ocean.

The pingos in Tuk

5:15 pm
8.5 C and a good breeze!
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6 Responses to Sunday Aug 21, 2022 Day 7 Tuktoyaktuk 352 kms total trip 3877km kms

  1. Cedric Zala says:

    Yay – good for you! Wishing you lots of wildlife sightings on your return journey. Looks like Mini is a shoo-in for the Most-Travelled-Dog-of-2022 award.

  2. Mar Allan says:

    Great photos you are sending along, and I love the log. I bet you appreciated that paved section of road. Hugs to both of you and Minnie!

  3. Lissa Zala says:

    Wonderful story of your trip. Congratulations and well done. Now you can take your time coming home.

  4. Sharon Hume says:

    Bravo!! Goal achieved! What’s the town of Tuk like?

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  5. Phee says:

    Well done, you made it! Don’t envy you all the driving!

  6. veronrd says:

    You made it🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

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