Saturday Aug 20, 2022 Day 6 Fort McPherson Day 6 472 kms total trip 3525kms

There was a good frost last night but the heater would not start, still better than a tent…-3 at 8 am but clear. We had a very good day driving the unpaved and challenging Dempster highway, passing Eagle plains which is nothing like a plain, then the Arctic circle at 3:30 and km 3388 of our trip. Shortly after we cross the border to the North West Territories, my first visit, and crossed the Peel river on a small cable ferry manned by 2 people and with a gravel landing “dock” to arrive at Fort McPherson campground. Most beautiful landscapes but no luck with the wildlife.

In Tombstone park

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4 Responses to Saturday Aug 20, 2022 Day 6 Fort McPherson Day 6 472 kms total trip 3525kms

  1. veronrd says:

    Incredible scenery, just wow.

    Ps love the beard, DB.

  2. Sharon Hume says:

    Keep on truckin! You two are amazing!! I don’t know how you do it, putting in those miles each day!!

    Your photo of the green landscape is so beautiful! Unusually green for this time of year, usually the leaves have started to take on their fall colours by mid August.

    Is it dark enough at night to get a glimpse of the Northern Lights?

    Keep the posts coming.

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  3. Marc Owen-Flood says:

    Thank you for the photos and Maps! How long are the days with light at this time of the year at the Arctic Circle

  4. Phee says:

    Really enjoying your blog, thank you for posting! Hope you have managed to start the heater.

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