Wed Aug 17 Day 3 Dease Lake 625 km Trip total 1832 kms

Started at 8:30 sunny and cool at 17 C, drove through pretty Smithers and stopped on the Buckley river to see the pink salmon run and bought some cold smoked from the Wet’suwet’en nation.

At Kitiwanga, the junction to 37, the Cassiar highway, we fuel up at the busy Petro-Can station, fuel will not be so readily available after this. Good thing we have a range of 1000 kms. Then, the wilderness begins. No more cell signal, basically no population, and scarce services. It’s moose country although they do not show up to greet us. In fact, we see signs to watch for livestock, but there are none of them either. Did not come all the way here to see just cows!

The mountains look grand and the open views over miles and miles are worthy of Hollywood ‘s best Western movies. We are in the land of the Nass and Stikine rivers and many big creeks whose names are not so conspicuous.

Busy Petro-Can at Kitiwanga junction

After a long day, mostly driving we end up at a small campground past the town of Dease Lake on a cliff above the water. Gnatty, rainy, no cell signal, wifi only standing outside by the office in the rain with my friends the bugs. Got to love you all to publish the blog today. But of course we are in an internet desert, no reception since Smithers and likely the same tomorrow. We will see if I can upload a few pics.

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2 Responses to Wed Aug 17 Day 3 Dease Lake 625 km Trip total 1832 kms

  1. Lorrainne Dixon says:

    Hi Francois I am on Jaca and we are now in Gjoa Haven. We are guardedly optimistic we may get through and down to Newfoundland. We left RVYC May 15 and have had a good trip. Our fifth crew member has just joined us and we will hopefully head up towards Bellot in a couple of days- there is a storm coming. There are two other boats here- one Brazilian and one French. I am really pleased you are driving to Tuk- I’ve told Jamie I think a road trip would be in order once we are done this expedition! The French boat we are buddy boating with is Imaqa- the sister boat to the one you were on. My boat email is Right now I have cell cover In Gjoa Haven so am using my Telus email. Safe travels and I am really enjoying your blog. All the best. Lorrainne

    On Wed, Aug 17, 2022 at 9:29 PM The Sailing Frog driving to the Arctic

  2. vero says:

    Beautiful photos. That salmon sure looks delicious!
    Thanks for braving the bugs to post 🙂

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