Aug 16, 2022 Day 2 to Tyee Lake provincial park in Telkwa 664 km, trip total 1207 km

Off by 8:15 am, sunny with a few clouds, temperature down to 17C, perfect travel conditions. The bugs were unreal last night so no swimming in Lac La Hache, we stop in Quesnel to fix the chip in the windshield we got north of Lytton yesterday in the landslide area. D’Arcy glass does a great job and after we are all set we do a lot of driving, occasionally racing with the trains and their hundreds of colorful wagons.

It’s a mix of ranch land and forests with evergreens and also alders as we get further west, and just before Telkwa we get to see the Coast range in the distance with still a bit of snow on Hudson Bay mountain in Smithers.

CN rail to Prince Rupert

We pass Prince George and Vanderhoof, lunch at a rest area off highway 16, the Yellow Head highway, and there we meet a couple from Switzerland traveling in a Sprinter van made in Switzerland, then shipped to Halifax for a year (the only legal way for them to do this with insurance). They arrived in May crossed Canada, went all the way to Tuktoyaktuk, and Prudhoe Bay, now they are going home via the US.

The Swiss camper back from Tuktoyaktuk
The Coxes’ ranch in Telkwa where Dunnery

worked during university

We are lucky to get a campsite at Tyee Lake, busy spot with tourists and fishers. Got a swim in the warm lake and now ready to sleep with the trains whistling in the background.

Got a spot
Settled with the essentials

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3 Responses to Aug 16, 2022 Day 2 to Tyee Lake provincial park in Telkwa 664 km, trip total 1207 km

  1. Dominique says:

    there are packages of ships of 907 grams ? Never seen that in France. Canada is a great nation!!

  2. Owen-Flood Marc says:

    Good question about the finish and tires? Also any chance of a map where you are…exciting

  3. Sharon Hume says:

    What fun!! You sure are covering ground fast!!!! I’m curious about how the interior of your van compared to the Swiss version.

    Love your posts 👏👏

    Sent from my iPhone


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