Aug 19, 2018 NWP day 16 Tay bay 2nd night

We were planning to poke our head North into Lancaster sound but after hearing from Muktuk about the conditions, we opt for a walk on shore hoping to sight some wildlife. We dinghy across the shallow silty bay, Fred carrying the safety Remington in his backpack.

Tay bay with the glacier

We are not very lucky with the wildlife and only see a gaggle of white geese on the tidal flats but the arctic flora is worth the effort of walking through the swampy grounds.

We returned to the boat thoroughly soaked from the heavy rain and wind in the face.

Dinner makes us all feel better as we are joined by the crew of Muktuk. Fred brings out his tender seal and then we devour Alexandra’s chili, polenta and cake over sea stories. They have already done the NWP both ways and have decided yesterday to give it a pass this year due to the ice conditions. They say that they are not prepared to spend the winter in Cambridge bay with two teenagers.

We have also heard of other boats turning around, one has gone to St Pierre et Miquelon, one is off to Panama. To be continued…

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