Aug 18, 2018 NWP day 15 Tay Bay 86 NM total 649.8 NM Latitude: 73.49247 Longitude: -80.71597

We are going North from White bay to Tay bay on the North West corner of Bylot Island. We start at 6 am with no wind, no fog and no rain for a while, then all of the above. Winds reached 40 knots in the evening and we have a magnificent ride downwind under Genoa alone, or even a partially furled genoa.

Our speed is good and we arrive past many glaciers to the narrow channel into Tay bay safely. Inside the bay, there is not much shelter from the wind but we have a huge delta anchor, 100 meters of chain and a good muddy bottom. So when another storm at 40 knots goes through in the middle of the night, the captain does not wake up, I am the only one listening to the whistling and slapping in the rigging.

There is only one other boat anchored in Tay bay, a forty foot aluminum hull French boat called Muktuk with an Austrian family on board. They spent 22 hours crossing Lancaster sound from Cumings inlet through thick ice, and some very large floes. But they did spot a Polar bear and her cub floating on a small piece of ice. A high price to pay.

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5 Responses to Aug 18, 2018 NWP day 15 Tay Bay 86 NM total 649.8 NM Latitude: 73.49247 Longitude: -80.71597

  1. Ian Izard says:

    Dunnery and Francoise loo like they may need a Victoria winter after the voyage.

  2. John Green says:

    Sure enjoy seeing the progress. Looks cold. Try the SPOT to see if it is working that far north

  3. Margaret Long says:

    Greetings! What an exciting adventure you are on! I’m loving reading about your travels. Keep the updates coming and have a safe journey. All the best, Margaret Long

  4. Mary Allan says:

    I’m glad to see that you have your life jackets on ALL the time!!! I hope that you see a polar bear too. You deserve it. What an adventure I am vicariously enjoying each log.


  5. Mike and. Dora says:

    Amazing adventure and pictures. You were the only one awake, were you worrying? Get back safely, good weather!.

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