August 2, 2018 Ilulissat Greenland

The Air Iceland Dash 8 took us over in three hours above the thick clouds and we touched down in UNESCO World Heritage site Disko Bay.

Flying West, we have already regained one hour of the seven we lost going East, so six more to go over the next 42 days.

Greenland is an immediate delight especially after the sun breaks through the clouds.

First walk around town is a real eye opener, notice the bright colors and the utilidors, the piping above ground for water, heat and sewage.

Lots of ice close to shore.

Got to run, and get more pictures.

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1 Response to August 2, 2018 Ilulissat Greenland

  1. Sharon Hume says:

    I’m so excited for you both!! Greenland looks so interesting.

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