August 1st 2018 Reykjavik Iceland




After two flights, we have arrived in Iceland without trouble. The car rental service representative was about as awake as we were at 5:00 am, seems he had missed a night’s sleep just as we had. The hotel would not check us in until 2:00pm so we drove to the Hot Springs at Hrunalaug near Fludir. The property owned by an Icelandic/Polish family for generations is in the middle of nowhere ( except for a cute little church and graveyard) and the hot spring spurts out of the ground naturally. The owners built a bit of a basin, a bathtub to dip the sheep in the thirties, and a small shed with a grass roof. The water is just right, the wild flowers are blooming and everything is very green and serene. The perfect antidote to jetlag. Not blue, like the blue lagoon but then, we did not have to share it with loads of tourists.

After a thorough walk through downtown Reykjavik, we have  a fresh fish dinner at a local Cafe, the cod is the daily catch bought on the docks.
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2 Responses to August 1st 2018 Reykjavik Iceland

  1. Marc Owen-Flood says:

    Great photos and looking forward to following your trip,

  2. Cedric Zala says:

    Wonderful photos – looks like a great start to your voyage.

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