Jour J – 1, are we all packed yet?

It’s 8:00 pm in Victoria and yes I think we got it all, I hope we got it all. it was so hard to figure out what to bring, and even harder to make decisions about what not to bring. We are allowed  1 bag 20 kg checked and 1 bag  6 kg carry-on. We are well below. More tricky was the volume, getting all the bulky stuff in one duffel bag and all the electronics in the carry on. This was the hardest as I wanted the laptop to write the blog, the tablet to read, the phone to get the data to send, the Nikon with Zoom to take picture of elusive Musk Ox on a far shore, and USB keys, a SPOT emergency device, and more. And as I am writing this, I realize that it’s crazy to bring the old laptop and that I should just save the 4 pounds and go get an SD card reader for the photos and write the blog on the tablet.  Quick trip to London Drugs before closing and this is done, the new device weighs less than 50 grams. Perfect to allow a spot for the amazing British fruit cake made specifically by my friend Sharon  to save our lives in a dire moment. Not only it tastes amazing but it also keeps well under any circumstances. We might need it!

We have packed for cold and rainy,  and I had to vacuum pack everything, it looks quite funny. Seems we are geared for Mars or another alien planet. The little extra room and weight, we have saved for a bottle of Johnny Walker Medicine to buy in Iceland on the way to Greenland. Most of the places we will be visiting are dry, so there will be no top-ups.


This is it, last sleep home, last long shower… last good byes.  The good news is that we have the perfect house-sitters from Berlin taking over our beach house, we won’t have to worry thanks to their ferocious dog Mo.




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11 Responses to Jour J – 1, are we all packed yet?

  1. Charlotte Gann says:

    Great account, Francoise. Will try to figure out the tracker when I have a moment.

  2. Rick Minchin says:

    Bon Voyage. Looking forward to following you as you make your way across the Artic. Who said retirement was boring. Rick & Terri

  3. Mike and. Dora says:

    Have a wonderful trip! You will be in my prayers every day!
    Looking forward to all your news.
    See you at the wedding!

  4. Cedric Zala says:

    Wishing you fair winds, great times, and lots of adventures. We’re looking forward to reading all your stories on the blog. Cedric & Lissa

  5. Martin S says:

    Have a wonderful adventure! We’re looking forward to the updates along the way.
    Thank you for letting the three of us stay at the house. Mo is especially looking forward to the dog beach.
    And if you have any fruit cake left over, we’ll be glad to finish it when you arrive back home.

  6. Paul Vigneux says:

    Well, bon voyage! Watch out for polar bears. Have a great trip, and I look forward to your posts.


    Sent from my frankly antique iPad Air.


  7. Bon voyage

    Envoyé depuis mon smartphone Samsung Galaxy.

  8. Sharon Hume says:

    Bon voyage! Keep safe you two!! Looking forward to your blog posts.

  9. Annabelle says:

    Have a safe and wonderful trip! Gros bisous à tous les deux!

  10. Pat says:

    What an exciting adventure! I’ll be thinking of you and looking for your blogs. Good luck and Fair Winds!

  11. FRNH (telus) says:

    God Speed, have fun and I look forward to reading the blog, then seeing you on your return. Very best, Richard


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