Watching the ice melt, Time-15 days

Of course, you can’t see the ice melt on the concentration map when you check everyday as I do, but given a week in between readings, the melting is visible and accelerating at a good pace. This is very encouraging for us as the sooner the passage opens, the better our chances of completing the transit.



We are now in the stage of gathering all our gear, and will do a test packing this week-end. We are allowed  one bag 20 kg checked, and one bag 6 kg carry-on. Our hope is to be able to top up our personal stuff with a bit of fresh produce to re-supply the boat as there is not much to buy in Upernavik. To add room, I will be wearing my parka and boots on the last 2 planes, but no big deal, it is cold there anyways, high of 5 degrees C today.

Unfortunately, our sister-ship boat Imaqa had to abandon their 2018 project shortly past Kodiak due to crew issues. They are having a wonderful time in Alaska though, fishing and exploring with the locals. Best of luck to Jeff, Melanie and Clement for the balance of their Alaska travels.

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3 Responses to Watching the ice melt, Time-15 days

  1. Sharon Hume says:

    Thanks for the ongoing informative posts!! What an adventure you are about to embark upon. Looking forward to pictures and posts as the journey unfolds.

  2. Joan Best says:

    How lucky we are to read of your exciting journey

  3. Paul Vigneux says:

    I was just about to write to ask when you leave when this came in. That’s going to be a great adventure. Post when you can, which I don’t suppose will be very often.


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