Imaqa, our sister-ship cast away June 4

At 14:00 hours Pacific Standard time,  J-F and the crew of Imaqa departed Canoe Cove on Vancouver Island for the first leg of their journey through the NWP,  North to Kodiak Alaska. They had a fine breeze and left under sails. That always makes the skipper happy! They are travelling West to East and we will cross them at some point in the Arctic.

We had a pre-departure party on board, the later part down below as it started drizzling.

You can see that the crew is very well prepared, as far as food is concerned anyway. Melanie made 140 Mason jars  gourmet treats such as  Moroccan Lamb Tagine.

Here is their navigation plan:


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  1. Piet van Weel says:

    I’m interested in reaching out to the owner of the Imaqa. My guess is that she never reached the Arctic since she is currently on the hard in Seward, Alaska. Could you email me the contact information? Thanks.

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