Alaska 2013August 7 day 77 Teakern Arm Desolation Sound 98.3 NM Total 2799 NM

Four hours of total fog out of Port McNeil very early, in less than 1/8 of a mile visibility. This is the price we pay to arrive in SUMMER.


And summer we get, most beautiful day through Johnstone Strait and the Broughtons with a nice flood to push (floods South up there).



We are just a bit early for  the Dents and Yucculta rapids so we drift an hour or so then go through at sunset in gorgeous light. After that we stopped at the nearest place to drop a hook in Teakern Arm.  It is so nice to peel the layers and enjoy short sleeves and shorts for the first time.


Picture Quiz:

Is this otherwise Postcard perfect shot showing  brown stains from?

1-      Three Noasis : as in a reverse oasis, where there are no trees  and desert in an otherwise rainforest type climate.

2-      An out-station of the Campbell River golf course where they practise with the sand traps

3-      Clear-cut logging at Pt Tuckers on West Thurlow Island in the Broughtons without re-planting

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2 Responses to Alaska 2013August 7 day 77 Teakern Arm Desolation Sound 98.3 NM Total 2799 NM

  1. A. John Peck says:

    Good Morning Francoise and Dunnery, Many thanks for the most interesting series of photos of your travels to the wilds of Alaska. Each time I turn on the computer, it is with a certain feeling of anticipation of what is today’s shot going to be. I do hope that you are considering a presentation at a Cruising Dinner at the RVYC, for the material that you have amassed would make a most interesting evening. The photos of Alaska were of new territory for me and those of the trip to Prince Rupert were somewhat like a trip down memory lane, as we took the boat to Haida Gwaii, by way of Price Rupert many years ago. All the best, John Peck, S/V Cariad Fach

    • Thank you for the kind comments and showing such enthusiasm. Alaska is indeed a very special state. I could see going back before too long… after I completely thaw and warm up , of course!
      Have a good summer and Good winds always!

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