Alaska 2013 August 6 Day 76 Port McNeil Vancouver Island 83.3 NM Total 2700 NM

We  must go round Cape Caution and cross Queen Charlotte Sound today and depart at 6 am to catch the full flood. It is a good idea to be safe and even more important today as we are completely fogged in and spend the whole day making way by compass and radar.

AlaskaD76PtMcNeil 001

Planning routes

Very long day trying to see through the white-out and miracle at 2:30 when we pull into Port McNeil harbour, the sun is suddenly shinning.


We are below 50 degrees latitude North and are making steady progress  despite the August fog. Saw only one whale but could not get a picture in the grey sky over grey water.

AlaskaD76PtMcNeil 002

Alaska2013Day78-79 001

Sea-lion skull in Port McNeil

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