Alaska 2013 Fogust 5 Day 75 Home Bay River Inlet 46.8 NM Total 2637 NM

As now usual we start in the fog  by sailing a GS, zig-zagging through the gill-netters that are out en masse in Fitz Hugh Sound. They have the sound pretty much on full intercept,  raking all the spawning salmon in their net.  We have to scan carefully for an orange buoy marking the end of a line  where the net is strung from the buoy to its owner boat across the sound. They bar access staggering the nets  and we literally  wind through them for over 20 miles around the Namu area. There must be 200 boats. The fish does not have a chance, we have to pay attention to get through safely and  we wonder how the whales make it.


We see many humpbacks travelling north alone or in a small group. A couple are doing back flips for us, quite close,  oblivious to our boat. We get  the best sighting  of a giant whale flapping its fin as it passes us just south of the Addenbroke  island light-house.



It gets sunny by late morning but we decide to stop early as the combination of inflow wind and outgoing ebb starts creating unpleasant swells and the next anchorage would be quite a ways. Queen Charlotte Sound is for tomorrow bright and early.


We end up in Home Bay the site of an old lodge  built on a railcar barge which is now sunk at the head of the bay and unmarked on the charts. Luckily we anchor  just before the wreck and Dunnery discovers it at low tide in his kayak.

AlaskaD75HomeBay 004

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1 Response to Alaska 2013 Fogust 5 Day 75 Home Bay River Inlet 46.8 NM Total 2637 NM

  1. Annabelle says:

    Quel dommage qu’il y ait une peche intensive comme cela, ca fait peine….
    Merci pour ces superbes photos, ca me fait rever!

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