Alaska 2013 July 31-Aug 1 Day 70-71 Back Home to Pilsbury Inlet and Prince Rupert, BC 78.7NM and 3.6 NM Total 2384 NM

Our plan to leave Nichols Bay early for the Dundas Islands across the border is thwarted by the fog. We go, and abort and re-anchor to wait. After a short while, the fog is omnipresent but not that thick so we turn the radar on and go. From 8:00 am to 4:00 pm it we drive by compass only in the swells.


Green island light-house BC

Then, abruptly, the sun breaks through and Canada looks very appealing. The lighthouse on Green Island looks great with its typical red roof,  it feels good to be home.  We have crossed the border and doused the American flag that had been flying since June 8.  We will miss Alaska for sure.

AlaskaD70P.Rupert 004

We have decided not to stop in the Dundas Islands to make sure that Mike and Paul can make it to Prince Rupert to catch their plane home. A good decision as it turns out because we get  through the Venn Passage around 7 pm , anchor in Pilsbury Inlet across from Rupert, have a last dinner on that Coho we caught and check outside to realize that there is nothing we can check as we are in a complete white out. Kind of fun and eerie at the same time.


Thursday, we move across to the Prince Rupert Yacht Club and tackle the usual shore  chores, laundry, groceries, boat wash. The boys get a tour of the Tsimshian collection at the Museum.


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